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Vintage Laser Cut Hoop Drops

Vintage Laser Cut Hoop Drops

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These vintage hoop drops are intricately handcrafted and feature a distinctive laser cut design. An elegant gold-tone adds an interesting contrast whilst remaining timeless and giving a classic feel. 

Throughout history, a fashion statement since 2500 B.C.E.  It’s been cited that hoop earrings began with the Sumerians, but throughout history have been worn by the ancient Egyptians, Nubians, and Romans. Earrings were believed to enhance a person's beauty. Royal Egyptians wore heavy and thick gold hoops to symbolize their wealth and power.  

  • English lock post
  • Lightweight
  • Gold plated
  • Unmarked
  • Gently cleaned and disinfected
  • 3/4" 
  • c.1980s-1990s
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