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Welcome! Pleasure to meet you!  I’m Mo, Owner/Founder of DezignerHeaven.com, wife, mother of 4, lifetime San Francisco/Bay Area resident, Graduate of The Art Institute of CA-SF with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing & Management; conqueror of the Corporate world by day and Fashion connoisseur by night!

Dezigner Heaven carefully curates and seamlessly blends our favorite on trend contemporary and designer brands. Providing a unique designer collective that is 100% authentic and comes direct from the designers wholesale, sample sales or from department store over buys which allows me to pass the savings on to you!

From occasional runway pieces, luxury cashmere & knits, silk and lace sweeping silhouette dresses, designer denim, sophisticated blazers, finely crafted leather shoes, boots, handbags and designer sunglasses. My entrepreneurial drive mixed with my love for Fashion allows me to obtain brand new trending styles offering them at prices that surpass other retailers price points.

With past travels to the fashion capital of the world (Paris, France), the Pantone Color Institute of London and many historic fashion houses, museums and sites, I never looked back. I’ve always had a love for Fashion, but was continually on the pursuit for the best pricing when it came to designer pieces and that’s what became Dezigner Heaven.

“In today’s world with brief and limited contact due to COVID-19, fashion truly has become an instant language. During those grocery store runs or small gatherings it is important to make you feel human still. Dezigner Heaven offers on trend, hand-selected, unique, brand new contemporary and designer pieces at affordable prices with the ultimate goal of making luxury obtainable to all of my clients, you simply have to adjust to the times”. ~ Mo - Owner

I am dedicated to providing affordable Designer pieces from brands you love!  On trend styles, off-price – everyday for your fashion pleasure!

– With love 

From me to you.

Thank you for supporting our small business!