Celeb-Loved: Alexa Chung carrying Shrimps Classic Antonia

Celeb-Loved: Alexa Chung carrying Shrimps Classic Antonia

Pearls are no longer just for the Grannies, they are back with full force in 2022 for all ages! As the years progress we continue to see all the trends from the 80, 90s and 00s making their way back and the best part is the teens (my kids) insist they have created a new trend! That's when the high school pics come and and then... mind blown! hahaha
Thank you to the London based brand Shrimps they have created a coveted super chic pearl bag available in a black and white combo! A personal fave of Alexa Chung shown carrying the Shrimps Antonia in black and white.

Shrimps Classic Antonia Pearly Striped Top Handle Bag

Images: Courtesy of Elle & RCFA
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