The Dezigner Revize: The Straight-Leg Trend

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Welcome back to the Dezigner Revize! Ok, let’s talk the trending denim style of straight-leg jeans. Sad that the skinny jean has been fading out these past few years, but I must say I “thought” I was not a fan of the straight leg. Why? Reminded me of all the jeans I owned in the late 90s in High School and of my mom’s jeans hahaha

That was until I got curious and I reached for a pair of Rag & Bone High waisted straight leg jeans and…..

I have to say they looked AMAZING! I am only 5’2 so I was iffy about the style. They hugged the waistline perfectly, (held the mom stomach in). The distressed knee and raw edge cut at the bottom of the jeans really made the style stand out and the length actually fit me well I could wear either flats like a cool pair of mules, sandals or a pair of platforms with this style.

So… in conclusion, if you have never wore this style it is a must, unlike the skinny jean that may be a controversial style for our all or our beautiful bodies, this style for sure is a hit if you’re straight, fit or curvy it will accentuate the right areas on you, it’s def more forgiving than other styles and yes universally flattering the straight fit is neither baggy or tight!

Check out what I have for you!

From me to you.

– With love 

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