The Dezigner Revize: Welcome!

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Welcome to The Dezigner Revize! Pleasure to meet you!  I’m Mo, Owner/Founder of, wife, mother of 4, lifetime San Francisco/Bay Area resident, Graduate of The Art Institute of CA-SF with a BS in Fashion Marketing & Management, conqueror of the corporate world by day and fashion connoisseur by night!

The Dezigner Revize is the newest addition to our site and go-to blog for all things trending in fashion! I promise to post content that's never one focused, dedicated to covering how fashion has changed due to the pandemic, my personal style, hit & miss styles, street trends and of course the cult following of celebrity fashion!

Best part… I am dedicated to providing similar, if not the same Designer styles of brands you love!  On trend styles, off-price – everyday for your fashion pleasure! Check our blog weekly for exclusive first looks and promotions!

Catch you next Friday!

From me to you.

– With love 


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